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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge Achievements unlocks for Illiteracy.

Unlock for Order & Destruction

  • Illiteracy

Interact with 'Sheet of Paper' in Nordland Empire Chapter 1 at 26.8k 55.5k. It is a white paper above the central table, among 2 other tables. 'Scrivener Elwin' is standing in front of the paper.

Tip: It is possilbe for Destruction players to reach it, I advice you to follow the bottom of the cliff on the east, walking behind the houses. It is a bit difficult, but it's possible to avoid 55 Champions. You don't need to be too close from the Sheet of Paper to trigger the unlock.

Rewards: XP: 104

Unlock for Order Only

  • Wolfram's Letter
  1. Take the quest 'Alive and Well' from 'Wolfram Becker' in Altdorf at 24.3k 34.9k.
  2. He asks you to take his letter 'Wolfram's Letter' which is inside the building behind him; interact with it.
  3. Then fly to Nordland and head to Empire Chapter 1, and find his wife 'Agatha Becker' at 26.5k 53.2k to complete the quest.
  4. Once finished, take the other part of the quest from Agatha 'Alive and Well'.
  5. Talk once again to Agatha to complete the quest.
  6. Once finished you will receive a trophy reward 'Agatha's Thanks'. Equip it for the unlock.

Rewards: XP: 104