Dark Elves T2 Epic Quest A Lords' Game

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First, you have to take the quest "A Lords' Game" in The Shadowlands at the Dark Elf Chapter 5 from Hartha.

Step 1

Speak with Dreadblight Sorceress.

Step 2

Kill 4 Nagarythe Lamenters.

Speak with Dreadblight Sorceress to turn in your quest.

Step 3

Go north of the PQ and loot a Nagarythe Urn.

Return to camp and speak with Hartha to turn in your quest.

Step 4

Deliver the urn to Deshira the Collector at the Dark Elf Chapter 6.

Step 5

Go south to the PQ and kill:

- 8 Nagarythe Nomads

- 8 Nagarythe Lamenters

- Chronicler Devion

Turn in this step to Deshira.

Step 6

Use the Dhar Gem next to Dread Lady Lunira, then speak with her.

Step 7

Kill Elder Kadrias, Elder Meresene and Elder Radakon.

Return to Dread Lady Lunira.

Step 8

Speak with Sinar Kamost at the Dark Elf Chapter 7.

Step 9

Speak with 5 different Dreadblight Channelers, then return to Sinar Kamost.

Step 10

Go south and find the Relic Cache.

Step 11

Kill 4 Gloombow Runners and 4 Gloombow Spotters.

Return to Sinar Kamost.

Step 12

Go to The Griffon Gate PQ area and kill 10 Griffon Guards and 10 Griffon Defenders.

Then turn in your quest to Dread Lady Lunira in the Dark Elf Chapter 8 in Ellyrion.

Step 13

Speak with Lordling Barakus (inside a tent).

Step 14

Go southeast to the PQ and kill 8 Narialle Reavers.

Return to Lordling Barakus.

Step 15

Speak with Cendrys (near Dread Lady).

Speak with Lordling Barakus.

Speak with Cendrys.

Speak with Lordling Barakus.

Step 16

Kill 16 Berhessa Reavers then return to Lordling Barakus.

Step 17

Go south and kill Harbinger Evriel (she hides inside a tree) and loot her head.

Turn in your quest to Deridian Gor far south.

Step 18

Pike Evriel's head on the Sharpened Pike inside the camp.

Speak with Lord Kohrith Bloodbane.

Step 19

Go south to Tor Elyr PQ and kill:

- 8 Ellyrian Archers

- 8 Ellyrian Defenders

- 3 Ellyrian Commanders

Return to Lord Kohrith Bloodbane.

Step 20

Go to Whitefire Tor PQ and kill 8 Arkaneth Soldiers (Chillblades, Watchers and/or Warriors).

Turn in the last step to Lord Kohrith Bloodbane.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:42846" text="[A Lords' Game]" color="243,228,103">