Barak Varr History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Barak Varr.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Long Drong and his Slayer Pirates

Interact with a barrel of ale, labeled 'Rarest Ale' (6k 45.6k), washed up on the beaches by The Seas Anvil.

  • Sacred Oaths

Enter a destroyed dwarf tower (37.3k 46k) with greenskins, just southwest of Greenskin Warcamp. (Not implemented yet)

  • Waaagh! Magic

Interact with some 'Orc Remains' (41k 51k) in Barak Weald.

  • Size Matters

Proximity unlock: Walking near the statue (6.3k 26.6k) just northeast of cave 'Wetfang' and northwest of the Greenskin Chapter 5. (Not implemented yet)

  • Greenskin Battle Barges

Approach the docked barge at 16.2k 27k. Also confirmed to unlock by swimming toward the floating barge East of the Greenskin Chapter 5 (10.7k 28.8k). (Not implemented yet)

  • One Tusk Tribe

Walk near the sign post (4.7k 30k) just west of Greenskin Chapter 5. (Not implemented yet)

  • Overlook Bridge

Walk over the large Bridge (46.4k 25k) above the underground Port of Barak Varr (inside the mountain) from 'Longbeard's Strand' cave in RvR lake (47k 33.3k), or swim under it. (Not implemented yet)

  • Tribal Assimilation

Interact with the 'Fallen Banner' (33.3k 19k) on the Black Strand beach. Be sure to be close from the circle of the banner when you click on it.

  • Ironclads

Reach the sunken Ironclad at 27.8k 29k. (Not implemented yet)

  • Leviathan

Walk near big bones (35.6k 34.5k) on the beach in RvR zone near Ironclad Battlefield Objective circa. (Not implemented yet)