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Vanquisher's Medallion is Tier 4 Open RvR currency. It's possible to gain it in only in Tiers 2, 3 and 4. The reason it's called Tier 4 currency is because it is used to buy the third of the Tier 4 Open RvR sets.


Vanquisher's Medallion can be obtained from:

  1. Drop loots by killing players with Renown Rank 51 and above within any Open RvR lake. There is a % chance, the player will drop medallion, not a guaranteed drop,
  2. Locking any of the Open RvR zone while being at Renown Rank 51 and above,
  3. Reward bags Gold Bag 35.png, Purple Bag 35.png, Blue Bag 35.png, Green Bag 35.png, White Bag 35.png from Tier 2, 3 and 4 zone locks for players at Renown Rank 51 and above,
  4. Satchel of Vanquisher's Medallions bought for Invader Medallion,
  5. Box of Vanquisher's Medallions bought for 5 Invader Medallions.
  6. Vendor for Invader Medallion Shard,
  7. Vendor for Royal Crest Shard.

Used for

Vanquisher's Medallion is used to purchase:

  1. Vanquisher set,
  2. Vanquisher's Elixir of Rejuvenation,
  3. Vanquisher's Alacritious Elixir.

These items are sold by vendors:

For Order - Altdorf - War Quaters - Astolfo Maibaum.

For Destruction - The Inevitable City - Undercroft - Maghah Hellshadow.

Merchant locations

Renown Merchant.jpg

Renown Merchant Destruction.jpg