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Starting from Q3 of 2020, the Return of Reckoning team was able to receive an approval from Twitch and host Twitch Drops events (abbreviated often as "Drops" or "Drops event").

What are Twitch Drops?

Drops are a fun way to get in-game loot just for watching your favorite channels on Twitch for a set of hours. Every Drops event would differ in hours required for a reward and you will most probably be informed by the streamers or Return of Reckoning Communications via its channels or the forums.

In order to start receiving Drops rewards while watching approved streamers, you simply have to link your Twitch account with your Return of Reckoning client account.

Information for players/viewers:

As some of you know, Twitch has agreed to enable Twitch Drops for Return of Reckoning. This awesome feature will be live every few months, on occasions and real events we choose.

We have prepared the system that will allow you to link your Return of Reckoning account and your Twitch account. Doing that, will make you eligible to watch your favorite RoR streamers and then claim the rewards as you go through hours of watching.

Here is a quick video guide that you can watch on Youtube:

Drops video guide.jpg

Linking both of the accounts and claiming the rewards is done on our website, right over here.

Who to watch to get the Drops?

We have invited some streamers and others have willingly applied to gain access to Twitch Drops. Below you can find the link that takes you to a frequently updated post, listing all approved streamers. But first, wed like to clarify that not all the channels will receive access to Twitch Drops. We choose from the community's favorite channels, we choose from the channels who have applied to join the program and, we also choose from channels who are dedicated to the community/game. Whatever was the channel, be assured that if it's active enough and serves the community, it will be picked. We also could remove streamers who aren't dedicated anymore, who have caused community issues or who've stopped streaming after the event.

You can check the frequently updated list of streamers with Twitch Drops access here.

Information for streamers:

If you'd would like to join the Affiliate Streamer program, supporting Return of Reckoning project and being supported back by the community, please let us know. There are no restrictions to who can apply, however not every streamer will be accepted for reasons we will surely discuss with you, on your private application post. This program is not for casual streamers who might consider streaming the project. It is purely for dedicated streamers with old enough channels that are actively streaming and increasing the project's exposure.

If your channel is dedicated to trying out MMORPG games and you'd like to participate/share the Return of Reckoning experience with your community but do not meet the requirements, then please make sure to contact the RoR Communications before applying.

Have more questions? Twitch Drops FAQs are here!

If you still have more questions, please check the Twitch Drops FAQs.