Triumphant Insignias

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Triumphant Insignia is a new Ranked Scenario currency. It's only possible to gain it whilst playing Ranked Scenarios.


Triumphant Insignias can be obtained by:

  1. Winning a Ranked - Group match
  2. Having an MMR of 1000 or more and winning a Ranked Solo match

Used for

Triumphant Insignias are used to purchase:

  1. Triumphant set's new jewelry (as of Season 2)
  2. Victorious Set's new jewelry (as of Season 2)

These items are sold by vendors:

For Order - Altdorf - War Quaters:

  1. Kyel Randborir
  2. Chadwick Hammerhand

For Destruction - The Inevitable City - Undercroft:

  1. Karan the Mad,
  2. Caral the Crazed.

Merchant locations

Renown Merchant.jpg

Renown Merchant Destruction.jpg