The Key to Success

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The Key to Success is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for the Bloodletter of Khorne.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

Not implemented yet

  1. Once you have completed the other Bestiary unlock for Bloodletter of Khorne, Battered But Not Forgotten, you should have received a 'Talisman Key'.
  2. Use this 'Talisman Key' on a 'Battered Strongbox' at 59.6k 33.2k in the Chaos Wastes. The box is in the northeast corner of the 'Reaping Fields' Order PQ, behind a bush. The chest will be opened and reveal a smaller chest inside.
  3. Click on the smaller 'Battered Strongbox' to receive a 'Bejeweled Skull'.
  4. Click on the 'Bejewelled Skull' in your inventory to spawn Cihtym, a level 39 Champion Bloodletter of Khorne.
  5. Kill Cihtym to receive the unlock.