The Inevitable City History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for The Inevitable City.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • The Sacellum

Approach The Sacellum (arena, 41.7k 34.4k).

  • The Holding Pits

Kill the Hero 'Malghar Ragehorn' in the Sacellum Dungeon East Wing (45.5k 34.7k). He can be found behind the first set of gates on the right as you go in to the East Wing.

  • The Cult of the Plaguesworn

Talk to 'Shargra Glutmire' in Fleshrot Alley standing inside at (50.2k 35.7k). There is a 'Plague Cauldron' with 2 'Plague Disciples' next to the entrance.

  • The Bloodfiends

Interact with the 'Mark of Khorne' (40.4k 40.7k) above the door south of the Sacellum. It is in the archway.

  • The Battle of the Herdstone

Stand next to the Herdstone (35.6k 36k). (Not implemented yet)

  • The Temple of the Damned

Kill Sovek the Merciless (37k 38.8k) inside the temple.

Note: It should be provided during the Public Quest in The Lost Narrows.

  • The Lost Narrows

Enter The Lost Narrows (34.5k 40.5k).

  • The Apex

Approach The Apex (30.4k 37.3k).

  • Soul Vaults

Stand near the banker (27.8k 43.3k).

  • The Eternal Citadel

Approach The Eternal Citadel (30.8k 24.4k).

  • The Scrying Vats

Unlocked by walking into The Apex (30.4k 37.3k). (Not implemented yet)

  • Journey's End

Interact with the skeleton of 'Agder Rotwing' at the end of Dread Way (22k 44.3k).

  • The Price of Knowledge

Interact with the pile of books 'Treatise of Dire Caution' in The Lyceum (18.2k 34.6k).

  • The Foreboding Lyceum

Talk to 'Disciple Everdamned' (14.7k 37.1k), located in the upper left wing of the Lyceum.

  • The Monolith

Approach the Monolith, as you near it you'll receive this unlock (22.6k 37.1k).

  • The Sentries

Talk to a Dread Sentry, they are for example at the Apex.

  • Fate's Edge

Approach Fate's Edge, the zone around flight master (28k 32k).

  • Dhar'ek Cores

This unlock requires you to be near a Dhar'ek Core, the blue crystals on the ground, when one of the Lost Souls decides to attack and destroy it. This event normally takes place in Journey's End (30.4k 42.3k) and if you loiter near a core at the entrance to the Undercroft (30.4k 44.7k) or just NE of Journey's End towards the Temple of the Damned PQ (33.5k 40.9k) it will happen. (Not implemented yet)

  • Imbalance of Power

Kill the bird 'Blue Speckled Crow' outside of The Viper Pit (32.5k 27.8k).

  • The Watchers

Unlocked by walking towards The Journey's End (30.4k 42.3k).