The Colors of Horror

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The Colors of Horror is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Horror of Tzeentch.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

Not implemented yet

You must kill 'Purple Horrors' to trigger this unlock. They are part of a sequence of events that occur in the ruined castle around 43.3k 52.5k in Ostland.

  1. Kill 2 Horrors of different colors, which makes spawn Purple Horrors.
  2. Kill Purple Horrors to trigger the unlock. If you kill 5 Purple Horrors, it makes spawn Dagus the Malevolent (R19 Champion Magus).
  3. You can kill Dagus the Malevolent, which makes spawn Psylchhron (R19 Champion Firewyrm). All remaining Horrors in the castle area will despawn at this time.
  4. Upon killing Psylchhron all Horrors will respawn (sequence returns to step 1).


  • Title: Aethyr Guard
  • XP: 336