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Tactics are special strategy bonuses a player can choose when not in combat. Each Tactic can alter the player's power by increasing or decreasing different abilities, skills or statistics. In order to activate a Tactic, the player must first assign it to a Tactic set while out of combat. After a Tactic has been added to a set, the player can choose to switch when they are out of combat preparing for their next fight. Tactic sets allow you to customize your Tactics for your favourite play styles. Tactics are specific to the type of skills and abilities they affect and come in three types:

Career Tactics Special bonuses to skills, abilities and stats earned by your career.
Renown Tactics Special bonuses to RvR-related skills and abilities. (Not implemented)
Adventuring Tactics Special bonuses unlocked via Tome of Knowledge that grant bonuses in PvE combat only. (Not implemented)

Tactics UI preview.jpg