Sacking for Sacs

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Sacking for Sacs is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Spider, Giant.

Instructions: Order and Destruction

  1. Kill 'Magma Crawlers' around 43k 6.6k in Thunder Mountain until you gather 5 'Arachnid Poison Sacs' from them.
  2. Trade the 5 'Arachnid Poison Sacs' for a Pocket Item 'Vial of Concentrated Venom':
  • For Order: To Library Assistant in the Library at Altdorf. Equip it to trigger the unlock.
  • For Destruction: To Disciple's Assistant in the Lyceum at Inevitable City. Equip it to trigger the unlock.

Once the unlock triggered, you can claim the jewel buying it from the correct merchant in Library (Order) / Lyceum (Destruction).