Phoenix Gate

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Phoenix Gate
Phoenix Gate.png
Location Ellyrion
Race(s) High Elf vs Dark Elf
Instance info
Type Scenario

Phoenix Gate takes place on the hills of Ellyrion where Dark Elves and High Elves try to capture their hated enemy's banners in a struggle for morale!

Quick Guide

This scenario is all about dominating the opponents and securing your flag. Capture the enemy banner to earn maximum points. It's a scenario where better strategies will shine, by distracting opponents, focusing enemy flag carriers and escorting your own carrier. If you enjoy strategic fights and outsmarting enemies, this scenario suits you well.

Score Calculation

Every scenario has a different way to calculate the score for each Realm. In this SC:

  • Kill = 3 points
  • Flag drop at base = 150 points
  • Flag drop at middle bridge = 50 points
  • Flag holding tick = 1 point per second

General Strategy

  • Never throw the whole scenario to secure 1 flag capture. Always keep in mind that you will need to push again, fight again and capture/deliver another flag. Enemy teams can easily retaliate and take the lead again.
  • Consider heading out as fast as possible to the bridge (middle of the map) where you try and push the opponent team back to their spawn.
  • Always keep an eye or a teammate at your faction's flag in order to prevent a sneaky capture.
  • Try and dominate your opponents by keeping them at their spawn, while other teammates capture and deliver the enemy flag.
  • Consider using the side passages to sneak behind enemy lines and steal their flag. This strategy requires you to have a fast-moving character and abilities.
  • You can use the siege weapons present in your faction's spawn to blow up enemies in range.
  • If the enemy carrier dies, you need to camp the flag they dropped otherwise another enemy can pick it up again.

When both factions hold the flags:

  • If both factions are holding one another's flag, consider nuking the enemy flag carrier as soon as possible.
  • If both factions are holding one another's flag, the safest strategy is to deliver the enemy's flag (held by your team) to the bridge. You need to click the flag on the bridge.
  • You cannot deliver and capture the flag at the bridge if only one flag is being held.

Archetypes Roles

  • Tanks:

Your main task is to hold the enemy flag in order to deliver it safely. You will be focused a lot and you need to be able to defend/repel attacks. If you're not the flag carrier, then stay with the one holding the enemy flag and escort him back safely.

  • Melee DPS:

Make sure to keep pressure on the enemy healers and assist other damage dealers to nuke down enemies. If you're within a coordinated team, consider focusing the enemy flag carrier if you're able to burst them down quickly.

  • Ranged DPS:

It's a wide and plain terrain. Keep your distance from enemy melee train and nuke down their backline. If you're within a coordinated team, consider focusing the enemy flag carrier if you're able to burst them down quickly.

  • Healers:

Keep as many players up as possible. If your team falls, you and the faction's flag are doomed. If you see a flag carrier, consider securing his path if he's taking the heat. If not, stick to your team in order to prepare a second flag capture.

Best way to team up

Teaming up in Return of Reckoning is easy. You can ask for a group or advertise one using the Looking For Group channel. Simply type /5 in your chat and advertise your message. You should aim for a 2-2-2, which translates to 2 tanks, 2 damage dealers and 2 healers before queueing. Queueing with a team drastically increases your win rate and thus your rewards.


The Phoenix Gate was well named, for over the course of its existence it has been reduced to ruble and rebuilt on several occasions. Yet its garrison are little worried by this seemingly grim record. A great many of the Phoenix Gate's soldiers are drawn from the Kingdom of Eataine, and they simply assume such woes to be part of Asuryan's ineffable plan. 'Should the enemy topple our walls,' they say 'then we shall simply build them higher and grander than before.' And so they have, many times. Indeed, the towers of the Phoenix Gate now stand so tall that their spires are lost within the clouds that hang heavy about the Annulii Mountains. This stubborn pride in the face of disaster has become famous throughout Ulthuan — despite this, few warriors from other realms seek out service upon the Phoenix Gate. It takes a very deliberate kind of madness to seek guardianship over a fortress whose walls seem almost predestined to fall.

Eataine's support of the Phoenix Gate ensures that this fortress can boast the most accurate and efficient of all Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers.

Archers of the Phoenix Gate traditionally hail from Caledor and Avelorn, and wear the greens and reds of those realms. They fire arrows blessed by the Anointed of Asuryan, that they might better strike down those who would oppose the Creator's plan.