Off With His ...

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Off With His... is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Dwarven, Slayer.

Instructions: Order

Speak to 'Captain Erginsson' inside 'The Sea's Anvil' Major Landmark in Barak Varr at 11.1k 46.4k. The Captain is inside on the first entry level, easy to find.

Instructions: Destruction

  1. Collect 20 'Slayer Scalps' on 'Sea Anvil Slayers' in Barak Varr around 11.3k 49k.
  2. Then trade them for a Pocket Item 'Snotling's Head' to the Disciple's Assistant in the Lyceum at the Inevitable City. Equip it for the unlock.


  • Man Tactic Fragment
  • XP: 806


Another Dwarven, Slayer bestiary unlock can be triggered nearby: First of Many.