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Minotaurs are massive bull-headed monsters. They can be over twice the height of a man and are far greater in bulk. Their gigantic heads are broad and ugly, and their horns are sharp and dangerous. Many have the cloven-hoofed hindquarters of a beast and other deformities of the body that the touch of Chaos brings. They are less intelligent than Men or even Beastmen, but are unnaturally strong and powerful.

Though normally ponderous and slow-witted, battle turns Minotaurs into raging bulls and the scent of blood drives them to violent excess. In the midst of combat they tear their enemies apart and swallow down great chunks of bloody flesh, quenching their thirst with the blood of the dying whilst the battle rages on around them.

It is said that Minotaurs are the keepers of dark shrines deep within the farthest reaches of the forests, where even Beastmen fear to tread. Here they pile the weapons, armor and skulls of defeated foes in praise of the Chaos gods, often in such quantities that the mounds of rusting treasure and fetid remains obscure the shrines completely. Because of this, Minotaurs are held in a strange reverence by Beastmen, who are at once in awe and fear of the favour that the Minotaurs receive from their gods.