Logrin's Forge

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Logrin's Forge
Logrin's Forge.jpg
Location Logrin Olgrumson
Race(s) Greenskin vs Dwarf
Instance info
Type Scenario

Quick Guide

The mechanic of this scenario is switched to rotating king of the hill. Same as in the Reikland Hills scenario. The fight starts at Logrin's Anvil, then one realm captures it the fight will move either to Logrin's Hammer or Logrin's Axe. Then you have to decide if you rush to the new objective or if you stay to defend the previous objective, which remains open for a short while.

Score Calculation

Every scenario has a different way to calculate the score for each Realm. In this SC:

  • Kill = 3 points
  • Holding an objective = 10 points every 5 seconds

General Strategy

  • Start by rushing to the middle objective and contest it, or do your best to keep pressure. Capture it when possible.
  • If your team has almost guaranteed mid objective, start heading to left or right objectives to instantly capture one of them.
  • After capturing the first flag, the next flag will unlock after 20 seconds, the current flag remains open for another 60 seconds after that.
  • Always leave some people behind/on other objectives to secure them.

Archetypes Roles

  • Tanks:

Keep guarding and switching guard. Keep contesting any attempts to capture an objective.

  • Melee DPS:

Make sure you keep pressure on the objective point.

  • Ranged DPS:

Nuke the enemy healers and focus on squishy targets. Increase your team's winning chance by decreasing the enemy numbers as fast as possible, starting with healers.

  • Healers:

Make sure your team is keeping up to enemy pressure, keep key targets alive.

Best way to team up

Teaming up in Return of Reckoning is easy. You can ask for a group or advertise one using the Looking For Group channel. Simply type /5 in your chat and advertise your message. You should aim for a 2-2-2, which translates to 2 tanks, 2 damage dealers and 2 healers before queueing. Queueing with a team drastically increases your win rate and thus your rewards.


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