Khaine's Embrace

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Khaine's Embrace
Scenario Map
Khaines embrace.png
Instance info
Type Deathmatch

Khaine's Embrace is a battle over two altars: Death's Charge and the Dance of Swords. Capturing both of these altars will grant your Realm points towards victory, but also invoke Khaine's Wrath! Avoid imminent death or speak with the Scion at Khaine's Altar for forgiveness!

Score Calculation

Every scenario has a different way to calculate the score for each Realm. In this SC:

  • Kill = 5 points
  • Capture both objectives = 75 points
  • Hold both objectives for 15 seconds = invoke Khaine's Wrath explosion
  • Speak with the Scion at the Altar to gain a buff

Optimal Strategy

  • This scenario is best played with a coordinated group. Consider teaming up with other players before queueing.
  • Aim at capturing one objective as fast as possible, then head towards the second one with your team.
  • You can go through the tunnel to reach the second objective faster.
  • Make sure to leave someone at the closts objective while you push for the second, to prevent backdoor capture of that objective.
  • Witch Elves and Witch Hunters are a key to win this scenario by going backdoor and capturing the enemy's closest objective.
  • Try to memorize the explosion's Area of Effect (AoE) range in order to capture the objectives again as fast as possible.
  • Try to punt enemies into the explosion, or root them in place while the explosion is occurring.

Best way to team up

Teaming up in Return of Reckoning is easy. You can ask for a group or advertise one using the Looking For Group channel. Simply type /5 in your chat and advertise your message. You should aim for a 2-2-2, which translates to 2 tanks, 2 damage dealers and 2 healers before queueing. Queueing with a team drastically increases your win rate and thus your rewards.