Howling Gorge

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Howling Gorge
Reworked Howling Gorge.png
Location Black Crag
Race(s) Dwarf vs Greenskins
Instance info
Type Scenario

Howling Gorge is a Dwarf vs Greenskins T4 scenarios that occurs when Black Crag is contested. This scenario is now similar to Battle for Praag and to the reworked Logrin's Forge.

Quick Guide

This SC is heavily focused on team fights and the ability to compete against the enemy faction and assisting targets to weaken the enemy team asap. With a flexible terrain, you'll encounter lots of objectives for Line of Sight strategies as well as some open terrains when you push towards the enemy spawn or when you get pushed back towards your own spawn. Howling Gorge is a 18 vs 18 scenario, which is why it's one of the most enjoyed scenarios, especially by premade groups and guilds.

Score Calculation

Every scenario has a different way to calculate the score for each Realm. In this SC:

  • Kill = 4 points
  • Middle flag capture = instant 15 points and 2 points every 6 seconds
  • 4th flag capture = instant 25 points and an additional 5 points every 6 seconds (total of 7 points every 6 seconds)
  • 5th flag capture = instant 35 points and an additional 10 points every 6 seconds (total of 17 points every 6 seconds)

(!) Holding the two initial flags that your faction started with does not generate any points per tick.

General Strategy

  • Starting: Rush for the middle flag and capture it. Once your team has it and holds it move up to the next flag that becomes capturable.
  • Defending: You and your team can decide whether you want to push for the next flag or camp middle. Both approaches are right, but each depend on your team and the enemy's team.
  • Holding Mid: You can hold mid by scouting/covering its entrances. It has different entrances but they're all narrow and easily blocked by frontlines.
  • Pushing: If you decide to push for the next flag, it has to be well coordinated. You need to push while making sure the enemy's won't back-capture the middle flag.
  • You can capture and camp middle or any other flag, just make sure your team is holding its ground and retreat to the right flag if needed (worth the trade).

Archetypes Roles

  • Tanks:

Get to the middle flag as fast as possible and secure it for your team. Keep rotating your Guard ability and make sure your team is secured.

  • Melee DPS:

Create pressure near the flag, prevent its capture and help your team securing it.

  • Ranged DPS:

Your main role is to nuke enemy healers while the others on your team secure the capture/defense of the flags.

  • Healers:

Make sure anyone around the flag remains alive as a priority, then keep the rest of the team up.

Best way to team up

Teaming up in Return of Reckoning is easy. You can ask for a group or advertise one using the Looking For Group channel. Simply type /5 in your chat and advertise your message. You should aim for a 2-2-2, which translates to 2 tanks, 2 damage dealers and 2 healers before queueing. Queueing with a team drastically increases your win rate and thus your rewards.


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