Genesis Aspect

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Genesis Aspect.png

Genesis Aspect is Tier 4 Open RvR currency for jewelry set.


Genesis Aspect can be obtained from:

  1. Reward bags Gold Bag 35.png, Purple Bag 35.png, Blue Bag 35.png, from Tier 2, 3 and 4 zone locks for players at Career and Renown Rank 40 and above,
  2. Guild vendor for 15 Guild Coins.

Used for

Depending of the player's career Genesis Aspect is used to purchase the:

  1. Genesis Aspect of the Curative,
  2. Genesis Aspect of the Everlasting,
  3. Genesis Aspect of the Sharpshooter,
  4. Genesis Aspect of the Scholar,
  5. Genesis Aspect of the Undying,
  6. Genesis Aspect of the Warrior,

which is the part of the Genesis set.

These items are sold by vendors:

For Order:

  • Altdorf - War Quaters - Baron Bernhardt,
  • Altdorf - War Quaters East - Rhanz Folner (Guild Coins),
  • Altdorf - Sigmar's Hammer - Rhanz Folner (Guild Coins).

For Destruction:

Merchant locations

Renown Merchant.jpg

Renown Merchant Destruction.jpg