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This is a quick guide on how to download and install Return of Reckoning client and the game.

How to Download

There are two ways you can download the game:

  • Torrent game-file download (Recommended)
  • Return of Reckoning installer download (Currently not recommended as you may experience low download speeds and installation issues)

Recommended Torrent Tixati:

You may have to disable your Antivirus, Firewall, or Malware detection programs as they potentially can interfere with the installation.

Download RoR Torrent file:

Run the Torrent file with the Torrent app and wait until the download finishes.

How to Install

  1. Make sure to stop the Torrent from seeding. (Close the app. If you want to be sure, check the task manager and end the task manually)
  2. Move the RoR Folder to c:\ (or atleast it's NOT in c:\program or a folder which it wont have write access. For instance move it to c:\Games\Return of Reckoning)
  3. Delete the RoRLauncher.exe
  4. Download a new one here:
  5. Put the new RoRLauncher.exe back into the RoR folder
  6. Remove the write-protection from all the files in the WAR folder. (Right click the game folder -> properties -> disable the read-only box)
  7. Check if your whole RoR folder is whitelisted in your Antivirus program and check if your Firewall or Maleware doesn't interfere with the installation.
  8. You may also try running the launcher with Administrator privileges. (Right click the RoR updater > Properties > Run as administrator)
  9. Run the RoRLauncher.exe
  10. Let it update. (Sometimes it needs a few seconds before it starts)
  11. Exit launcher and re-launch it again.
  12. Repeat the last 2-steps until there is no update. (Sometimes the launcher does not download everything on the first launch)
  13. DirectX 9.0c is required to run the game. If you don't have it installed, it is included in the torrent file. In the ReturnOfReckoning-March2020 folder find the dx90c folder, open that and run DXSETUP.exe
  14. Launch the game

Video Guide by Zarbix