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A Focus Group is a group of people that share similar experience that should be relevant to the feedback they're expected to share. It's a group that envelops different types of people and in our case we're building focus groups with players who have different mentalities, approaches to the game mechanics etc. in order to have a wider variety of opinions - however, they all have expertise, making their feedback extremely relavant.

Why Focus Groups?

As part of the 2022 plan, the Community Management team has expanded and strategically organized its ranks in order to support the main pillar of the project: The community behind Return of Reckoning.

The Focus Groups have been created by the CM Team in order to gather feedback on specific critical topics that require a niche group of experts, rather than hundreds of opinions where feedback is usually either lost or delayed out of confusion.

Current Focus Groups

  • Realm vs Realm Focus Group
  • Class Balance Focus Group
  • Quality of Life Focus Group
  • Player vs Environment Focus Group

Members of Focus Groups

The members of the Focus Groups are picked by either scouting for potential candidates, or by receiving recommendations from existing members. The Focus Groups are not and will not be open to everybody, and only proven experience with concrete evidence will qualify a player to be part of these groups. We believe that all these requirements will only benefit the community, thus players need to trust the decisions affected by Focus Groups.

RoR Team & Focus Groups

The Community Management team handles the Focus Group and assigns Developers only to their respective channels. No other team roles will be added to the Focus Groups, including Leads and Game Masters as they do not benefit from the feedback directly.