Empowered Warrant

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Empowered Warrant.png

Empowered Warrant is Tier 4 Open RvR accessories currency. It is used only to buy one or two of the supporting 2x jewelry / back sets based on career archetype.


Empowered Warrant can be obtained from reward bags Gold Bag 35.png, Purple Bag 35.png, Blue Bag 35.png, Green Bag 35.png from Tier 2, 3 and 4 zone locks for players at Career and Renown Rank 40 and above.

Used for

Empowered Warrant is used to purchase the:

  1. Assailant set,
  2. Bulwark set,
  3. Seer set,
  4. Mender set,
  5. Marksman set.

These items are sold by vendors:

For Order - Altdorf - War Quaters - Baron Bernhardt.

For Destruction - The Inevitable City - Undercroft - The Denied.

Merchant locations

Renown Merchant.jpg

Renown Merchant Destruction.jpg