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RoR Discord.png

The Return of Reckoning Discord server is where we, the volunteer staff running the show, and you, the passionate community of valued players, can come together and do all the things people do on a Discord server.

This is of course a moderated space, follow the same Terms of Use that you can find here on the website. Staff use this as their primary chat platform to collaborate and work on the game.

That's not a license to bother them, the more social ones will be in your channels frequently to hang out.

Here's the very short form of the rules. They're simple:
  • Don't be a jerk
  • Be kind to staff
  • NSFW is not welcome
  • Use appropriate channels so we can help effectively
  • No offensive, political, vulgar, or racially charged conversations
In exchange, we offer you the following:
  • We will try our best to offer you a pleasant experience.
  • We will consider any constructive and appropriately constructed feedback.
  • We will provide a high level of communication when game services are impacted, intentional or otherwise.
  • We will maintain a neutral position when it comes to realm bias. Some jokes may be shared in light heart, but we value all players equally.
  • We will not unceremoniously yeet you from the server with harsh prejudice unless you clearly deserved it. The rules are easy.
How to join and get verified:
  1. Click the really cool customized link we have: https://discord.gg/returnofreckoning
  2. If it doesn't work, click the boring old link we have: https://discord.gg/G9jDWgv
  3. Access to the Discord server is temporary until you get verified. If you browse away from the server, it may disconnect you.
  4. The best way to get verified is to message the blue Return of Reckoning Bot - here's how the bot looks like.
  5. If the bot is missing or just ignoring you (it breaks sometimes), post the message below in one of the chat channels and a staff member will help you out.

"Hello, my forum name is XXXX and I would like to be verified!"

Getting verified means your name on the Discord server will match your name on the forums. We use this for integration with the site and to expedite support issues.

If you do not want to share your forum name, we understand, however your access will remain temporary and some features/perks will not be available.

Speaking of the perks, here they are:
  • Message History becomes available for all channels
  • off-topic-music for all the good vibes and music videos we chill to
  • content-creators for our creative types and rising video producers to show off their talents
  • twitch-streams featuring the StreamReckoningBot who finds your streams on Twitch while you're streaming the game using what we assume is bot-magic
  • new-emojis for when you find that really good one that just captures your feelings. Only the finest emojis are added to the collective. Also memes.
  • lfg-and-trade section for finding groups, guilds, buyers and sellers of in-game items, and people looking to trade gold from one realm to the other.

If you have questions or troubles, reach out to fellow community members rather than pinging staff. Lots of common questions can be answered that way.