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If you want to check the full list of Development click here.

Name Date posted ( Year/Month/Day ) Posted by More information
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] Keeper Set 2018/07/29 Norkalli click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] Overlord and Imperator Set 2017/04/10 Wargrimnir click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] Dominator Armor Sets 2017/02/18 Saupreusse click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] Beastlord Armor Sets 2017/02/19 Wargrimnir click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] CONQUEROR 2017/02/19 Saupreusse click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] The Tier 4 Sets 2016/05/03 Genisaurus click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] T4 Epic Quest Weapon Appearances 2016/04/28 Torquemadra click here
[DEVELOPMENT] T4 PQ bags (PvE) - Obtaining Ruin Armour 2016/06/29 Torquemadra click here
[DEVELOPMENT] T1-T3 Armour Unification 2016/07/21 Torquemadra click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] T4 Scenario Set Appearances 2016/03/30 Torquemadra click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] Loot System Redesign 2016/02/20 Genisaurus click here
[DEVELOPER PREVIEW] Armor Set Redesigns 2016/01/11 Genisaurus click here
Future Plans - Cosmetic Gear 2015/08/01 Dana click here
[INTRODUCTION] ORvR T1 : Reboot 2017/05/24 Yaliskah click here
[DEV] Upcoming Squig Armour Rework 2017/06/26 Torquemadra click here
[DEV] Upcoming White Lion / Guardian Changes 2017/06/27 Torquemadra click here