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Cow Pies are a special item in Return of Reckoning.

Acquiring Cow Pies

Sweet. Savory. Delicious. The All-New Cow Pie.

Cow Pies are a rare drop found by slaughtering the poor, innocent cows you find in the open world. (Sorry, PETA.)

Previously, Cow Pies could be acquired from "Special Loot Bags". Following mass player complaints and an impressive seven HR violations, this was changed to the current system.

How to use a Cow Pie

Just like real life, you are given two options:

  • Do not eat the Cow pie,


  • Eat the Cow pie.

Of course, being the sick individual you are, you're going to eat the Cow Pie, you monster.

Right click the Cow Pie in your inventory to Consume it.

An Empire Knight enjoys a delicious Cow Pie.

Sharing the joy of Cow Pies with your friends

Also similar to real life, consuming the Cow Pie will result in projectile vomit, making the Cow Pie a wonderful snack that you get to taste twice, and then share with your friends! This snack is especially popular for enemies stuck in tight spaces, like Fortress jails.

A 2022 Poll of RoR players revealed that "Vomited on by Cow Pie" was voted #1 in player's "Secret Fortress Jail Desires", and Ranked #3 on "Ways I would like to Die".