Coin of the Trade

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Coin of the Trade is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Skeleton.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

1. First you need to take the quest:

  • For Order: 'Remembering the Fallen' from Irkul Grudgebearer inside the Library in Altdorf.
  • For Destruction: 'The Essence of the Fallen' from Disciple Rageborn inside the Lyceum in The Inevitable City.

2. Then you need to interact with different 'Deanimated Skeletons' in different Caves across Cinderfall:

  • You will find the 'Deanimated Human Skeleton' in the Cave at 62k 49.6k in Cinderfall. The Skeleton is against a pillar of an arch in the first room of the cave. You will receive an 'Undead Human Skull'.
  • You will find the 'Deanimated Elven Skeleton' just outside another Cave in Cinderfall at 57.5k 58.6k. You will receive an 'Undead Elven Skull'.
  • You will find the 'Deanimated Dwarf Skeleton' in the another Cave in Cinderfall (entrance at 59.8k 11k) at 61.8k 3.4k. You will receive an 'Undead Dwarf Skull'.

3. Return to the quest giver in the city to finish the quest. It will give you a Pocket Item 'Skulls of the Fallen'.

4. Equip it for the unlock.

5. Once the unlock triggered, you can claim the jewel buying it from the correct merchant in Library (Order) / Lyceum (Destruction).