Chaos T3 Epic Quest Inevitable Power

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First, you have to take the quest "Inevitable Power" in Talabecland at the Chaos Chapter 10 from Oleif Mundenson.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

At the PQ 'Mud Flats', kill:

  • 8 Daemonic Coquettes
  • 8 Steinbruck Farmhands
  • 8 Steinbruck Watches

Go to 23.8k/26.4k and click on the Crypt Entrance to turn in your quest

Step 2

Go north to the Chaos Chapter 11 and speak with Jorana.

Step 3

Kill 8 Griffon Swordsmen at the PQ 'Knightly Riders'.

Return to Jorana in Chaos Chapter 11.

Step 4

At the PQ 'Serpent's Fang Bandits' kill a Decadent Bandit or a Lounging Bandit.

Then inside the cave close to the PQ (entrance at 5k/15k), kill the Belligerent Bandit. He drops the item 'Letters to Rebekka', read it to turn in your quest.

Step 5

Kill Lady Krueger at the last floor of the Tower in Kruegerhaus Public Quest, to retrieve the Corruptor's Crown.

Once done, talk to Hrami Lund at the Chaos Chapter 12.

Step 6

Travel to High Pass and speak to N'rarch Fleshreaper in the Chaos Chapter 13.

Step 7

Kill in 'Tempest Horn' Public Quest:

  • 3 Savage Flesh Hounds
  • 1 Savage Bloodletter

Return to N'rarch Fleshreaper in the Chaos Chapter 13.

Step 8

At the PQ 'Keep of Asavar Kul' kill 6 Kulian Bonemages, and find the Blood Tome at the bottom of the tower or inside it on a table.

Return to the Chaos Chapter 13 and speak with The Whispering Voice.

Step 9

Travel to The Inevitable City. Once there, go west and use the portal under the Monolith at 22.6k/37k. Then speak with Lycithas.

Step 10

Travel to Saphery and head to the PQ 'The White Tower of Hoeth'. At the bottom of the first stairs, you will find a statue called 'Icon of The Old One'. Interact with it to loot it.

Then return to Lycithas in The Inevitable City.

Step 11

Use the Icon of the Old One while standing on/close to the Monolith.

Once done, travel back to High Pass and speak with N'rarch Fleshreaper.

Step 12

Go northwest at the PQ 'Temple of Heimkel'. Inside the tower, find and kill Naar'kohros to recover the Sigil of Malice.

Then travel to The Inevitable City and turn in this last step to Tchar'zanek to claim your reward.

Quest Rewards

You can copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to see the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:40347" text="[Inevitable Power]" color="243,228,103">