Caledor History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Caledor.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Beastmasters of Karond Kar

Interact with the little 'Empty Goblet' on top of a stone at 52.2k 4.5k.

  • Caledor Dragontamer

Interact with 'Dragontamer Monument' in the forest at 1k 19.3k.

  • The Dragon Princes

Interact with 'Dragon Prince Horse' (64.6k 39.7k), there are two located side by side between two trees near the cliff.

  • Truesteel

Interact with 'Crate of Truesteel' at 46k 43k.

  • A Memory of Fire

Interact with 'Volcanic Rock' (30k 53k) in the middle of the river.

  • Reaper Bolt Thrower

Interact with the 'Reaper Bolt Thrower' at 64.6k 12.7k just east of Dark Elf Chapter 17 (Dragonwake). The object is just roadside at the limit of Caledor/Dragonwake.

  • Lost Legacy

Pass through the stone arch near the Destruction PQ 'Loryndaal' and the road at 46.5k 16.5k. (Not implemented yet)

  • A First Time of Everything

To the west of Kelysian's Landing at 24.3k 4k walk onto a very small peninsula. (Not implemented yet)

  • Caledor the Conqueror

Interact with the bust of the 'Phoenix King Caledor I' (41.7k 39.8k) at the end of the north road from the Order PQ: Shrine of the Dragontamer. It is protected by Myriean Nightblade (40lvl Witch Elf).

  • The Price of Disloyalty

Interact with a 'Cage' at the side of the road at 11k 11.3k.

  • Prideful Arrogance

Walk under the little building with chairs and a harp at 17.3k 2.6k. (Not implemented yet)

  • The Drakefall Defenders

Interact with the 'Sun Bleached Bone' (43.7k 49.2k) near a giant ribcage next to the road, west of High Elf Chapter 21.

  • Tethlis the Slayer

Interact with a book 'Chronicle of the Phoenix Kings' (8.7k 2.9k) on top of small stairs on the back of the Destruction PQ 'The Battle of Avethir'.

  • The Trail of Darian Stormspear

Interact with 'Notably Worn Bedroll' (64.4k 58k) up the cliff. To reach it, climb from 62.5k 49k, follow the road then you'll have to jump to another ledge, just under. The bedroll is behind a tree at the south end of the ledge.

  • Fickle Favor

Walk near the altar at 6.2k 34.3k up the cliff (not in RvR lake). (Not implemented yet)