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Giant lizards with the power to petrify any man or beast that meets their cold-blooded gaze, Basilisks are creatures that have been warped by Chaos into something more malevolent than natural.

Tome Unlocks

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Basilisk XP: 84 N/A
Kill 25 Basilisks XP: 204 N/A
Cave of Stone Title: The Rock, XP: 336 Black Crag: Explore Monster Habitat.
Kill 100 Basilisks XP: 500 N/A
It's in the Bag Beastial Tactic Fragment, XP: 806 Black Crag: Discover a unique item.
Kill 1,000 Basilisks Bestial Token, XP: 1050 N/A
Scales of Mourning Beastial Tactic Fragment, XP: 1476 Black Crag: Vanquish a Champion Monster.
Kill 10,000 Basilisks Title: The Unyielding, XP: 1716 N/A
No Reflection of Your Skill Jewel Item: Wordbreaker Band, XP: 1800 Cinderfall: Vanquish a Champion Monster.
Kill 100,000 Basilisks Title: Deathgazer, XP: 1974 N/A