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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Avelorn.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • The Temple of Khaine

Interact with a 'Defiled Tree Trunk' (9.6k 4.2k) up on one of the hills east of Spirited Resistance Destruction PQ.

  • Death Night

Interact with a dark elf corpse 'Denied Reveler' (13k 28.7k) hidden under a huge rock to west side of Ghyran's Path (Major Landmark).

  • Assassins

Interact with a hanging corpse 'A Hung Peasant' on one of the trees at 37.5k 29.3k.

  • The Cauldrons of Blood /!\ In Saphery

Interact with 'A Weathered Cauldron' (52.4k 59.5k in Saphery).

  • Bitter Rivals

Interact with 'A Tortured Rival' (33.1k 20.9k) leaning against a tree, a little northwest of the dark elf, and southeast of the Order PQ 'Ritual of Corruption'.

  • Witchbrew

Interact with the bottles 'Assorted Concoctions' at 13.8k 47.5k inside one of the tents in one of the Arkaneth camps.

  • Lethal Poisons /!\ In Saphery

Interact with the elf corpse 'Dispatched Warrior' (31.3k 62.2k in Saphery) down the hill near the water.

  • Isha

Interact with 'An Elder Root' nearby the water's edge on the southern part of the map at 15k 61.6k. It is a little off south from Isha's Fall warcamp.(You can click "An Elder Root" but unlock does not apply.)

  • Astarielle, the First Everqueen

Interact with a book named 'A History of Elves' (4.7k 51.7k) in the Evercourt camp down south Jade Coast (Chapter 12 DE). It's lying open on a white stone structure just outside, on the right-hand side of the camp nearby a tent that is closest to the water's edge.

  • Land of Eternal Summer

Interact with a 'Bone-Dry Stein' (8.4k 51.2k) on the ground south of the Jade Coast (Chapter 12 DE). It's right off the west side of the road, behind a tree, between a camp of High Elves and a group of trolls.

  • The Inner Kingdoms

Interact with the high elf corpse 'Heart Stricken Warrior' at 21k 2k. He's lying on top of some the hills.

  • The Maiden Guard

Interact with a shield on the ground 'Maiden's Guard' (61.7k 9.3k) behind one of the elf towers, on the east side of Grimwater (Chapter 11 High Elf).

  • Malekith and Morathi

Interact with a skull titled 'A Clear Message' (40k 24.1k) on the table of the west tent.

  • The Evercourt

Proximity unlock: Nearby Grimwater around 55k 8.3k is a lake surrounding a building with Shining Guards patrols and guards, just walk towards the structure for Order. As for Destruction there are some R55 Guards nearby, so safest way to go to it by entering the waters from the left or right side. (Not implemented yet)

  • Seafaring Tradition

On some of the small islands at 1.4k 59.8k at the southwestern side of the map is a ship along with some highelves, approach the ship for unlock. Note: you can also get this while on one of the quests from Jade Coast (Chapter 12 DE). (Not implemented yet)

Additional Unlocks for Saphery but located in Avelorn for Order & Destruction

  • Twilight of the High Elves

Interact with broken altar 'Neglected Altar' (6.1k 63.4k in Avelorn) in the ruined building.

  • Cold One Knights

Walk near Cold Ones pen at approximately 57.3k 32.5k in Avelorn. (Not implemented yet)