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Addon Repository

The main repository is hosted at Idrinth's Tools. Most of the following addon links go to the site.

Addon Forum

Some additional addons and discussion about addons can be found on the forums. This is a good place to get a complete UI as well.

Presented Addons

Important / Crucial Addons

Enemy All in one addon that has most desired tools like custom WB unit frames, marking players, combat log, statistics, intercom channel Download & more information
Buffhead Best addon to track buffs/debuffs on players, easy to customize for personal preferences Download & more information
Pure Another customize for unit frames like player frame, primary target and secondary target frame

better display for effects and HUD over targets and possibility to see targets HP in % values (important for PvE encounters)

Download & more information
AggroMeter A must-have addon for PvE groups but not only, also useful in RvR when it comes to tanking Keep Lords or Fort Lords Download & more information
DaoCBuff Similar to Pure but much better customization of displaying effects Download & more information
SwiftAssist Addon that allows you for east and fast assisting, very easy to use and crucial for small scale fights Download & more information
RoR_SoR This addon allow you to see current state of the campaign, status of other zones is refreshing all the time Download & more information
MoraleCircle Addon that let you customize how your morale bar looks like

It allows you to inform your group what is the status of your morale

Download & more information
TidyRoll With that addon you can replace default window that popping every time you get a loot

You can automatically setup default need/greed/pass options for each category  of medallions

Download & more information

Helpful / Useful Addons

TidyChat Addon that improve your chat windows also allows you to copy text from chat Download & more information
ThinkOutLoud Addon that allows you to assign text to the ability

When you gonna use certain ability it will also pop text into chat channel, very helpful to inform your groups

Download & more information
PlanB If you play Swordmaster or Black Orc you will love this addon, it will automatically switch hot-bars depends on your current stance Download & more information
ClosetGoblin This addon will allow you to switch gear with 1 click, simply you make set, you save it

With one click you can switch between sets, you can even assign tactics to set

Download & more information
BankArkel If you play a lot different toons then you will love this addon, it will allow you to see inventory of your toons without switching you character Download & more information

Optional / Visual Addons

Warboard This addon is a bar that you can put on top or bottom of screen

Contain all the information you want to see like your current gold, time, RR or Influence and much more, compatible with other addons

There is plenty of extension for this addon, for example "Warboard_zonepop" that will allow you to scan population of zones

Download & more information
TexturedButtons Adds a few options to your hotbars, button textures, and fonts. Download & more information
nRarity This simple addon creates a small colored border around items in your inventory to indicate their rarity Download & more information
Shinies Very powerful auction house manager, not only provide better view of auctions

Has save search filter so with only one click allows you to find items you are looking for

Download & more information

New developed addons by Sullemunk

Ding Shouts out your rank / renown level when leveling up Download & more information
Statdoll Provides character stats attributes and secondary stats in a movable window with optional DPS/AbillityPower windows Download & more information
Duel Makes dueling a bit easyer by displaying a visual window when issuing/getting a duel challange Download & more information
Harbinger Shows Zealot (RunePriest) Harbinger stance, mimicing the style of other stance rescource classes Download & more information
CoolDownLine Tracks ability cooldowns from your actionbar on an timeline bar with moving icons that accelerates as the cooldown decreases Download & more information
LootAlert Alerts you if you receive loot in the alert ticker with sound and text, so you don't need to constatly check the chatlog if you won a loot roll etc... Download & more information
DeathBlow2 A addon that displays and announces your kills/deaths as alerts and keeping track of your kill/death score Download & more information
CCtv Shows notification window when you get effected by CrowdControll Download & more information
WarBuilder The Warhammer Online ingame career builder Download & more information
Thank The Resser Addon that automaticly says a custom phrase upon ressurection Download & more information
ZonePOP Addon that shows you the population in your current zone Download & more information
GetStats Addon that display the results of .getstats in a movable window Download & more information
RoR Debolster Addon which checks if you can debolster and flag yourself for RvR Download & more information
WhatsCooking Tracks your WitchElfs WitchBrew stacks Download & more information