A Run for Rolf

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A Run for Rolf is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Great Cat.

Instructions: Order

Not implemented yet

Kill 50 'Snarling Razortooths' (level 21 Great Cats) south of Nuhr's Crest in High Pass (4.5k 28.5k), for Kill Collector Rolf Grimwold to complete his Kill Quest 'Tusk'.

Note: Rabid Razortooths do not count toward completion.

Instructions: Destruction

Not implemented yet

Kill 60 'Winter Lynx' and 'Winter Great Lynx' around 55k 64k in Praag for Kill Collector Lahkis Curseblade, Southern Breach (Chaos Chapter 19).


  • Title: The Clawed
  • XP: 336