A Defiled Life-Force

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A Defiled Life-Force is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Spite.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

  1. Kill "Tainted Grove Spite", a level 7 Hero Spite, in Mount Bloodhorn at 8.2k 63k to loot a "Tainted Spite Essence".
  2. Trade it for a Pocket Item "Burnt Spite Remains" to:
  • For Order: "Hammerstriker Hasher" in Dwarf Chapter 3, inside the building. Equip it for the unlock.
  • For Destruction: "Bloody Sun Burner" in Greenskin Chapter 3, inside one of the hut next to the merchant. Equip it for the unlock.


  • Mythical Tactic Fragment
  • XP: 1800


Near "Tainted Grove Spite", you will find another Spite named "Maegda" for De-spite unlock.