WAR Story

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WAR Story is split into 8 sections: storylines per race, one section for capital cities, and two for dungeons (one per faction).

Each of the 6 races has their own "Storyline", starting from prologue and ending in fortress.

Storylines are divided into several parts:

  • Prologue
There is one prologue per race
  • Chapters
Each Chapter will show its chapter story and its related Public Quests. Each Public Quest will show the stages you accomplished in this PQ.
  • Open RvR Tiers
Chapters and Open RvR Tiers will show their 3 influence rewards. Pick up your rewards from each chapter's/warcamp's rally master. Note that each career gets its own list of rewards to choose from for chapter influence rewards.
  • Warcamps
Each Warcamp will show its chapter story, the related Battlefield Objectives and Keeps you discovered.
  • Fortress
Each Fortress will show its chapter story and the related Fortress Lord.

You are able to complete other races Storylines and Capital Cities. You are nevertheless not able to unlock the dungeon section ("Legendary Locales") of the other faction.

Sections of WAR Story