Vainglorious Set

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Vainglorious Set

The Vainglorious Set is a special mid-tier set. The belt, shown here, comes with a rare bonus: a Talisman Slot.

The Vainglorious Set is a combination of Belt, Cape, and Jewelry that can be used at level 27.

The related Epic Quest line to earn this set also allows players to acquire previously unavailable cosmetic items, like Belts, Shoulders, Gloves, and Helmets that match armor sets players earn from T1-T4. (Decimator, Devastator, Annihilator, etc.)

The Vainglorious Belt and the quest line to earn it also provide some of the only belts in the game that come with Talisman slots. Yes, you read that right: multiple Belts with Talisman slots.

Finally, progressing this Epic Quest Line will also grant each player a number of rare dyes, some of which have historically been very rare and expensive, like Snow White and Arctic Blue dye.

Vainglorious Pieces

Vainglorious is a 3-Piece Set with one Belt, one Cape, and one Jewelry piece. These require Rank 27 to wear, and do not require any Renown Rank.

The Vainglorious Pieces are:

Vainglorious Set Bonus

The stats and set bonus for these pieces are the same for all classes, and provide:

  • (2 Piece): +33 Wounds
  • (3 Piece): +4% Reduction in being Critically hit.

Because the Vainglorious Set pieces are items not used in other Sets in T2/T3, you can stack this set bonus and other set bonuses like Devastator, Annihilator, or Ruin, all at the same time.

For those looking to max out their mid-tier characters, and especially those playing defensive builds, Vainglorious is an extremely useful set for characters near Rank 27.

Quest Guides

The Quest Line is different for each Faction, so please click your Faction to begin the guide: