Uneasy Stomach

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Uneasy Stomach is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Stone Troll.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

  1. Kill 'Stormblight Brute' and 'Stormblight Dolt' in Troll Country around 14k 30k to trigger the unlock.
  2. Collect 5 'Intact Troll Stomachs' on them.
  3. Trade these 'Intact Troll Stomachs' for a Pocket Item 'Acidic Troll Bile':
  • For Order: To Library Assistant in the Library in Altdorf. Equip it for the associated title.
  • For Destruction: To Disciple's Assistant in the Lyceum in The Inevitable City. Equip it for the associated title.


  • Title: The Boulderbane
  • XP: 336