Stick the Sticker

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Stick the Sticker is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Scorpion, Giant.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

Kill 'Crushclaw', a rank 38 champion in Caledor at 50k 45.4k. He will drop a Pocket Item 'Giant Scorpion Stinger', equip it to have the unlock.

For Destruction: To go on Order side of Caledor's map:

  1. From Dragonwake war camp, walk in RvR area then join PvE area at 29k 45k.
  2. Reach 2k 59k to take the secret passage, avoiding Order Chapters, and you'll arrive in Caledor.

Once the unlock triggered, you can claim the jewel buying it from the correct merchant in Library (Order) / Lyceum (Destruction).


Original instructions: Order & Destruction

Not implemented this way for now

  1. Kill Crushclaw a rank 38 champion in Caledor at 50k 45.4k to get 'Giant Scorpion Stinger'.
  2. Kill Firestrike at 44k 6k, or 41k 4.7k Caledor. The 'Giant Scorpion Stinger' will disappear and you will get credit.