Saving Face

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Saving Face is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Tuskgor.

Instructions: Order

  1. Kill 'Ravaging Tuskgors' (not Rampaging) found in Eataine from 12.8k 8.2k to 27.8k 5.5k and collect 5 'Unchipped Tusks'.
  2. Trade them for a Pocket Item 'Belt of Tusks' to Library Assistant into the Library at Altdorf. Equip it for the unlock.

Instructions: Destruction

  1. Kill 'Bloodsnout Tuskgors' (not Chargers) found in High Pass mainly in a large zone around 43k 48.7k and collect 5 'Unchipped Tusks'. You can also find few of these Tuskgors at 50k 50k, and at the edge of the road going south leading to Empire Chapter 13 in Talabecland.
  2. Trade them for a Pocket Item 'Belt of Tusks' to Disciple's Assistant into the Lyceum in Inevitable City. Equip it for the unlock.


  • Chaos Tactic Fragment
  • XP: 1476


In High Pass, near 'Bloodsnout Tuskgors', you will find:

In Eataine, near 'Ravaging Tuskgor', you will find 'Riptusk', a level 33 Champion Tuskgor, for another Tuskgor unlock Tusk for Tusk.