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The RoR development team released the contributing factors to what increases the player bag rolls for loot in RvR. The list is as follows:

  • In and out of party reviving & healing
  • Triggering Guard damage
  • Killing the keep lord
  • Capturing, defending, and fighting on Battlefield Objectives (BOs)
  • Killing players (solo or in a group)
  • Killing/damaging siege equipment
  • Damaging keep doors
  • Avoiding cross realming
  • Returning & assisting with supplies
  • Claiming a keep
  • Participating in guild investment


Q: Does the contribution take into account switching from the populated side to the underdog?
A: You will lose all contribution from the original character in the zone if you enter RvR within the same tier on another character. This can occur with characters in the same realm or on the opposing realm. For example, you enter a 16-40 RvR zone with Character A. You switch to Character B and enter a 16-40 RvR zone. You lose all contribution on Character A, regardless of the realm affiliation of Character B. You will not lose contribution on Character A if you enter a 1-15 RvR zone with Character C. You will also not lose contribution on Character A if Character B does not enter the RvR zone.

Q: If a tank defends their guard damage, does it prevent contribution?
A: As long as the damage was valid in the first place from the guardee, then as soon as the guard procs and checks your defense the contribution is added.