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*[[Equipements (RvR & PvE)#Back Items|Back Item]]: [[Hunter Master's Pelt]]
*[[Bestiary#Back Items|Back Item]]: [[Hunter Master's Pelt]]
*XP: 806
*XP: 806

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Picking Up The Pieces is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for Wolf.

Instructions: Order

Not implemented yet

Kill 60 Winter Wolves and/or Winter Howlers around 18k 4k Praag. Then go to the kill collector Constable Luidheim at Kaltenbach Expedition (Empire ch. 20) in the Chaos Wastes to complete the Kill Quest: Howler Hunter.

Instructions: Destruction

Not implemented yet

Kill 65 Bloodfog Wolves (54k 34k) found in both Troll Country & Ostland then turn in to kill collector Tosha Schreiber at Kournos' Encampment (Chapter 7).

"Can find a few around Kournos' however the best amount will be in Troll Country in the swampy region with the trolls".