Ostland History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for Ostland.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Twin-Tailed Comets and other Omens

Interact with the statue Sigmar 'Sigmar Wayshrine' (32.2k 13.3k) at Destruction PQ 'Wayshrine of Sigmar'.

  • Magnus the Pious

Interact with a pile of books titled 'The Canonization of Magnus the Pious' (12.4k 32.5k). It's at the northeast of the 'Black Mire Bell Tower' Major Landmark. The pile of books is hidden behind a bush, oriented to the north. The bush is between one 'Shadow Cut-Throad' and one 'Shadow Cutpurse'.

  • Loathsome Rat Men

Interact with the 'Dead Skaven' (51.8k 51.8k) located under the bridge behind the grate just east of Empire Chapter 9.

  • Favored of the Gods

Interact with the corpse of 'Dagny Betz' in the RvR area (31.6k 11.4k) near the hills behind a tree with a another corpse hanging from it and a couple of other bodies surrounding it.

  • Dark Rites

Interact with the 'Altar of the Scepter' (17.8k 21.1k) in the 'Krul'Gor Herd' Destruction PQ.

  • Wilderness

Interact with an 'Empire Signpost' (35.7k 25.6k) along the road.

  • Khorne

Interact with a 'Powder Barrel' (6.7k 58.9k) near the ruined tent where Dieden Bloodmane spawns.

  • Blood for the Blood God

Interact with an 'Altar' (10.5k 55k) near a big symbol of Khorne at the Order PQ 'Gore Wood'. There is a gathering of cultists around the altar.

  • The Howling Vale

The Forest of Shadows (Major Landmark): In the middle of the Howling Vale Order PQ is a wrecked wagon (32.4k 52.9k) surrounded by some Gor Raiders, go near it to unlock. (Not implemented yet)

  • Forest Vipers

Walk in between four dead farm animals (22.5k 21k) right in front of a house on a hill. (Not implemented yet)