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|'''Disciple of Khaine'''
|'''Disciple of Khaine'''
|'''Witch Elf'''
|'''Witch Elf'''

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The Lair of Morra is a lair hidden in an area of Nordland, near the Chaos Chapter 4 area. When you discover the area, you will get a Tome of Knowledge unlock.


Morra is a rank 40 Hero boss. Her appearance is of a slightly larger than normal wolf, with a grey/white fur pattern. She is located to the right upon entering the cave. The cave is filled with lvl 39 pups and lvl 40 wolves.

Killed Morra drops 1-2 level 39 rare (blue) boots.

Warrior Priest Bright Wizard Knight of the Blazing Sun Witch Hunter
Spatterguards of the Dire Wolf.png Ashboots of the Dire Wolf.png Sabatons of the Dire Wolf.png Shankboots of the Dire Wolf.png
Runepriest Engineer Ironbreaker Slayer
Clogs of the Dire Wolf.png Steeltoes of the Dire Wolf.png Steadkeeps of the Dire Wolf.png Chargers of the Dire Wolf.png
Archmage Shadow Warrior Swordmaster White Lion
Slippers of the Dire Wolf.png Softsoles of the Dire Wolf.png Solerets of the Dire Wolf.png Shinsteels of the Dire Wolf.png
Zealot Magus Chosen Marauder
Shaman Squig Herder Black Orc Choppa
Disciple of Khaine Sorcerer Blackguard Witch Elf


From the southeast of Nordland, near Salzenmund, start swimming southwest. Eventually you will come to an inlet with a waterfall. Climb up on the right hand bank, and carefully jump along the rocks to reach the cave behind the waterfall.

Approximate Location: 32k, 60k