Live Event: Keg End

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Keg End is a time in which Dwarf families must empty the last of their kegs in anticipation of the coming year. Copious amounts of beer are consumed during this celebration, and songs are sung that describe the previous year. Humans of the Empire have also taken up this tradition, though not nearly with the same fervour as their Dwarf brethren. Laws dealing with public drunkenness are either ignored during this time in liberal areas or tightened to excruciating levels in places that are more conservative. Excess beer is often given to those in need, although spilling even a drop during this festival ensures bad luck for the coming year.


The wheel of the seasons has turned, ushering out the sun’s last warmth with bitter blasts of northern winds. As snow creeps down to block mountain passes and lock the Warhammer world in the icy talons of winter, the citizens of the Old World raise their mugs high; the time of Keg End is at hand. In an epic celebration fraught with boasting, toasting, and epic fireworks, the Dwarfs clear out their stores of ales, beers and other intoxicating beverages in order to bring luck in the New Year and make way for a stock of better, stronger brews.