I Just Washed This Cloak

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I Just Washed This Cloak is a Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for the Warhawk.

Instructions: Order & Destruction

There are 3 different ways to have this unlock:

Kill the 'Skyherald Warhawk' perched on a rock next to 'Elder Meresene' in The Shadowlands at 24.4k 22.2k.


  1. Kill 'Skyhunter Mauler' in The Shadowlands for the unlock. You can find one of them at 27.2k 22k / or 21.5k 23.4k / or 20k 28.1k / or 9.3k 21.3k / or 10k 18.6k / or 9.3k 9.5k.
  2. Kill him until you collect 5 'Warhawk Feather'. (Note: As the drop rate is 100%, and these warhawks are spread in different locations, it's better to kill 5 times the same Skyhunter Mauler)
  3. Trade these items for a Pocket Item 'Warhawk Cloak':
  • For Order: To Library Assistant inside the Library in Altdorf. Equip it for the associated title.
  • For Destruction: To Disciple's Assistant inside the Lyceum in The Inevitable City. Equip it for the associated title.


Kill the 'Crag Great Wing' perched on top of a rock by Volruc Kinslayer in Blighted Isle at 7.2k 38.2k.


  • Title: The Grounded
  • XP: 336