High Pass History and Lore

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This category lists the Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks for High Pass.

Unlocks for Order & Destruction

  • Doctor Zumwald

Interact with a chest 'Zumwald's Supplies' at 31.5k 41.5k.

  • Temple of Change

Walk in the Temple of Change at 26k 48.6k. (Not implemented yet)

  • Ranald

Interact with a 'Bag of Dice' (27k 18.4k) between 2 corpses of marauder.

  • The Luminous Veil

At 62k 38k run into the pit. (Not implemented yet)

  • Empire Steam Tank

Go near the steam tank at around 9k 56k in Raven's End to get the unlock. It is possible for Destruction to get this, but it is a suicide run. (Not implemented yet)

  • The Sigil of Malice

Enter the temple at 11.3k 10.7k for the update. (Not implemented yet)

  • Shallya

In RvR lake at 49.6k 55.5k inside the fort of Hallenfurt Manor, interact with a 'Plague Victim'. This is to the east of the door leading into the tower in a fenced in area.

  • Ogrund's Tavern

In RvR lake, interact with the 'Tavern Door' of the objective Ogrund's Tavern at 27.6k 60.5k.

  • Feiten's Lock

In RvR lake, interact with the door at 40k 64k.

  • Fort Marvik

In RvR lake, interact with the west door of Feiten's Lock Battlefield Objective on Stoneclaw Castle side at 8.8k 63k.

  • Black Powder

In RvR lake, behind Ogrund's Tavern Battlefield Objective, interact with a 'Black Powder Keg' (28k 59k).

  • Myrmidia

In Rvr lake, against the outer wall of Hallenfurt Manor Battlefield Objective, interact with a pile of books called 'On Warfare' at 46.8k 61.8k.

  • The Grand Conclave

In RvR lake, southeast of Hallenfurt Manor Battlefield Objective, interact with a scroll named 'Letter to the Order of Luck' at 51.7k 63.7k. A dead horse and rider are nearby. The horse's head points to the scroll.

  • Verena

Interact with the scroll 'Dietrich's Letter' at 30.5k 44.5k. It's located to the SW of the Doctor Zumwald unlock in a gully in the side of the hill.

  • Exorcism

Interact with the chest 'Blair's Raiments' at 42.2k 56k, inside Empire chap 12.

Note: Destruction can not get this unlock.