High Elves T4 Epic Quest Unmasking the Enemy

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First, you have to take the quest "Unmasking the Enemy" in Dragonwake at High Elf Chapter 20 from Arathen Sunblade.

Step 1

From Dragonwake, go inside the underground of the tower at the PQ 'Drake's Rest' (entrance at 1.5k/60k) and kill the 2 Shadowflame Shades until one drops quest item 'Venom-stained Vellum'. The Shades are in the first room on your right when you entered the tower.

Examine the item to complete the quest and turn it in.

Step 2

Return to Arathen Sunblade.

Step 3

Travel to Caledor at the PQ 'Shadowchasm' around 62.3k/55.6k and kill:

  • 5 Blackvenom Shades
  • Uruin Direshade

Uruin Direshade will drop item Direshade Brooch. Examine it to turn in the quest.

Step 4

Speak to Cathalas Venomleaf at the same PQ at 61k/55.2k in Caledor, and turn in the quest to him.

Step 5

Walk to the High Elf camp at 61.5k/46.7k and use your quest item 'Zephyr' to send Zephyr.

When done, talk to the eagle Zephyr to receive the response and turn in the quest.

Step 6


  • 7 Helglaive Raiders
  • 7 Helglaive Warriors

They can be found at different camps:

  • Around 46.5k/53.8k
  • Around 42.2k/40.9k
  • Around 37k/43.4k
  • Around 35k/42.2k
  • Around 44.5k/36.8k
  • Around 25.5k/54.5k

Turn in the quest to Masked Shade, there is one inside each of these camps.

Step 7

Find Unfinished Missive at the PQ 'Executioner's Blade' inside the tent at 30k/59.7k. Loot it and turn in this step.

Step 8

Click on Bloodspear's Seal inside the same tent to complete and turn in the quest.

Step 9

Deliver the Forged Missive to Masked Shade.

Step 10

Click on your quest item 'Zephyr' to send once again Zephyr.

Then travel to High Elf Chapter 22 and turn in the quest to Erindrel Quickleaf.

Step 11

Kill 3 Wrathwind Lifedrinkers at the PQ 'Pure Power'. Once done, speak with Taliendhir Fios at 17.8k/56.6k and turn in the quest to him.

Step 12

Examine the quest item 'Blood-stained Vellum'.

Step 13

Kill Masked Shade at the PQ 'The Might of Ulthuan' inside the tent at 6.1k/44k.

Examine the item Blood-stained Seal to turn in the quest.

Step 14

Search PQ 'Tor Sethai' for Masked Assassin. There are 3:

  • One at 11.7k/56k (the easiest)
  • One at 7.8k/56.2k
  • One at 2.5k57.3k

Step 15

Then you have to kill Shadowblade (3.9k/58.5k) who is waiting for you at the floating gazebo inside PQ 'Tor Sethai'. You can use the Portal near 11.7k/56k that will teleport you near Shadowblade.

Return to Erindrel Quickleaf when complete.

Step 16

Eventually, travel to Altdorf and speak with Phoenix King Finubar at the north to finish this Epic Quest, and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:36150" text="[Unmasking the Enemy]" color="243,228,103">