High Elves T3 Epic Quest Control

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First, you have to take the quest "Control" in Avelorn at High Elf Chapter 10 from Gethlan Stormwood.

Step 1

Inside the located area, kill:

- 9 Bloody Sun Treechoppas

- 2 Uthorin Procurers

- Gnasha da Gnawer

Loot item 'Controlling Collar' from Gnasha, and examine it to turn in your quest.

Step 2

Inside the located area, kill:

- 9 Raven Bloodboilers

- 5 Raven Terrorguards

- Zolthran Horrorthorn

Zolthran drops the item 'Torc of Control', examine it to turn in your quest.

Step 3

Travel to the north to kill Dreadblight Ebonwind and click on her chest to loot item 'Ebonwind Collar' at 25.7k/2.8k.

Accept the follow up from the Ebonwind Chest.

Step 4

At the same PQ, kill:

- 7 Uthorin Ebonblades

- 5 Uthorin Ebonbolts

- 3 Uthorin Ebonshades

Return to Gethlan Stormwood when done.

Step 5

Speak with Carabhir Frostsinger in Avelorn at RvR Warcamp.

Step 6

Read the 'Frostsinger Scroll' then turn in your quest to Carabhir Frostsinger.

Step 7

Use the 'Ebonwind Collar' standing inside the water at the PQ 'The Falls of Renewal' to the north. Accept the follow up.

Step 8

At the same PQ, kill 9 Spellwrack Horrors and 7 Spellwrack Screamers.

Speak to Rathia Goldspire at the Chapter 11 to the north.

Step 9

Click on the Tear of Isha inside the Cave of Whispers (entrance at 63k/36k) to loot an item of the same name. Accept the follow up.

Step 10

Kill Falathin Soulbreaker who spawns.

Then speak to Aerylia Windstrider at the Chapter 12 to the west.

Step 11

Click on the Door southeast of the PQ 'Stormriver's End' at 51.9k/50.5k. Accept the follow up.

Step 12

Return to Aerylia Windstrider at the Chapter 12.

Step 13

Travel to Saphery.

Use the item 'Tear of Isha' on NPCs:

- Gorgluk Foulbreath at 56k/8.2k

- Ulvarr Scorchspell at 55.5k/33.2k

Speak to Irendar Goldenbrook at the Chapter 13 when done.

Step 14

Kill Raedhyn the Scarred at 49k/56.4k.

He drops an 'Orb of Sight', examine it to turn in your quest.

Step 15

Kill at 58.4k/31.3k:

  • 7 Raven Dreadeyes
  • 7 Raven Dreadfists

Use the 'Summon Stone' in your quest inventory.

Turn in your quest to Shining Windweaver inside the Chaos camp.

Step 16

Click on the Raven Host Brazier at 61k/30k.

Turn in this last step to Lorys Dewspinner at the Chapter 14 to finish this Epic Quest, and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel in game to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:35336" text="[Control]" color="243,228,103">