High Elf T1 Epic Quest Among the Shadows

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First, you have to take the quest "Among the Shadows" in The Blighted Isle at High Elf Chapter 2 from Eronin Shorewind.

Step 1

Travel southwest by the bridge to speak to Yrsol Whisperwing 36.6k/38.8k.

Step 2

Now you have to find a Cold Campfire by the road at 38.9k/34.2k.

Step 3

Click on the corpse of Prince's Guard at 42.7k/34.9k at the PQ 'The Swale of Miralei'.

Step 4

Kill the Beast Breaker who spawns.

Then travel south to Tor Aendris and speak with Cithmiril Ironlance at 43.6k/46k.

Step 5

Enter the Plain of Bone (RvR lake) and use the item 'Vellum Map' in your quest inventory.

Return to Cithmiril Ironlance.

Step 6

Travel to Chrace and kill:

- 3 Blacksand Harpies around 52k/7.5k

- 2 Blacksand Renders around 52k/7.5k

- 1 Bloodrend Corsair at the PQ 'Shattered Beach'

Then turn in your quest to Liraenor Nightwhisper at Blightsward (High Elf Chapter 3).

Step 7

Click and loot the 'Ley Line Map' at the PQ 'Shattered Beach' at 61.2k/3.7k on some crates.

Step 8

Travel north to The Blighted Isle to kill 5 Bloodfueled Devotees at the PQ 'Ruins of Erraneth'.

Then interact with the object 'Fresh Sacrifice' at the same PQ to complete your quest and turn it in.

Step 9

Kill Circira Maelstrom who spawns.

When done, turn in your quest to Larineth Spearsong at Blightsward in Chrace.

Step 10

Travel south and speak with Ankahri Silverleaf at 51.6k/9.5k.

Step 11

Kill 5 Uthorin Thralltakers at the nearby PQ 'Thrallseekers'.

Then speak to Gaelnielle Whitewing at High Elf Chapter 4.

Step 12

Firstly you must interact with the object 'Memory Stone' outside the Flamescale Caverns.

Then you must interact with the object 'Memory Stone' at the Major Landmark 'The Everstar Stone'.

Step 13

Run south to the PQ 'Stone of Imrathir' and click on the object 'Rubric of Betrayal'.

Step 14

Eventually kill Lirith Darksong at the southwest of the PQ, at 51.4k/60k.

Turn in this last step to Gaelnielle Whitewing at the High Elf Chapter 4, and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:34330" text="[Among the Shadows]" color="243,228,103">