Gromril Crossing

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Gromril Crossing
Location High Pass
Race(s) Dwarf vs Greenskins
Instance info
Type Scenario

Gromril Crossing is a true Tug of WAR! Several capture locations are scattered through-out the Scenario but only one is open at a time and progresses towards the enemy base depends on who captured them!

Quick Guide

Hop down, charge to the Capture Point, take one, and then move on to the next. There is only one Capture Point available to capture at a time. Until the center bridge is taken, no others will open up. You have to push to the center, take the bridge, and then move to the next. There is no need to worry about your enemies sneaking in behind you and taking one of your points. Only one is available at a time. Once the bridge is taken, the next point opens up. Keep pushing your way until all the points are controlled by your side.

Score Calculation

Every scenario has a different way to calculate the score for each Realm. In this SC:

  • Kill = 3 points


  • Capture objective 1 = 15 points
  • Capture objective 2 = 25 points
  • Capture objective 3 = 35 points


  • Tick from objective 1 = 2 points
  • Tick from objective 2 = 2 points + 5 points
  • Tick from objective 3 = 2 points + 5 points + 10 points

General Strategy

  • Rush to the bridge and try to contest it while making sure the enemies are pushed back.
  • Move strategically with your team as a blob. Do NOT fall behind and do NOT roam around: Every objective is important and needs your help.
  • If the enemies lack tanks, make sure to nuke down the other enemy players as fast as possible to decrease their pressure.

Archetypes Roles

  • Tanks:

Rush to the flag and keep the enemies at bay, push towards them, hold the line and make sure your team is behind you and is supportive.

  • Melee DPS:

Stick to the enemy backlines and try to wipe them fast. Keep pressure on enemy RDPS and Healers.

  • Ranged DPS:

Try to bother the enemy team as much as possible, punt tanks away, nuke healers and dps players, make sure constant pressure is applied.

  • Healers:

Make sure your team is healthy enough to maintain enough pressure on the enemy team. Focus your heals on your mdps since they will be behind enemy lines and the battlefield is usually narrowed.

Best way to team up

Teaming up in Return of Reckoning is easy. You can ask for a group or advertise one using the Looking For Group channel. Simply type /5 in your chat and advertise your message. You should aim for a 2-2-2, which translates to 2 tanks, 2 damage dealers and 2 healers before queueing. Queueing with a team drastically increases your win rate and thus your rewards.


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