Greenskins T1 Epic Quest Da Stick's da Fing

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First, you have to take the quest "Da Stick's da Fing" in Mount Bloodhorn at the Greenskin Chapter 2 from Tuffgit.

Step 1

Go to the PQ at the south 'Sharpthorn Rock Mine' and kill 10 vermins inside (Pebbleback Squigs and Mine Bats).

Return to Tuffgit to turn in your quest.

Step 2

Outside the previous PQ, kill 4 Rebellin' Orcs and their leader, Slogga.

Return to Tuffgit.

Step 3

Travel to Greenskin Chapter 3 and speak with Skadger.

Step 4

Speak with Boris da Basha at the Greenskin Chapter 3.

Step 5

Talk to Skadger again.

Step 6

Go to the nearby PQ 'Kron Komar Gap' and kill 5 Komar Dwarfs. Kill them until one drops a Stunty Stick.

Return to Boris da Basha.

Step 7

Talk to Skadger again.

Step 8

Find and loot a Fallen Stick to the south, in the northern part of the PQ 'Sacred Grove'. You can find them at the foot of the trees.

Bring back the Fallen Stick to Boris da Basha.

Step 9

Talk again to Skadger.

Step 10

Kill Komar Thunderbeards at 'Kron Kromar Gap' PQ for their beards.

Return to Skadger.

Step 11

Show your Bashin' Stick to Boris at the Greenskin Chapter 3.

Step 12

Use your Bashin' Stick in your quest inventory on Boris. Then turn in your quest to him.

Step 13

Travel east into Ekrund and head to Greenskin Chapter 4. Once there, speak to Rokgar.

Step 14

Refresh the memory of Brootus Blacktoof by using your Bashin' Stick on him. Then turn in your quest to him.

Step 15

Go south into Snorrison's and Goldfist's Tombs. Once inside, search for their Sarcophagi to loot their bones. Be ready to fight their respective risen skeletons.

Return to Brootus.

Step 16

Speak with Rokgar at the Greenskin Chapter 4.

Step 17

Go south to the PQ 'Broketoof Camp'. Once there:

- loot 'Da Dread Choppa' from the Dreadbelch's Chest inside the tower

- loot 'Kug's Lucky Left Boot' from Kug's Chest inside the main shaman hut

When done, return to Rokgar.

Step 18

Talk again to Brootus.

Step 19

Kill Krulloz da Kwik at 53.8k/37.5k.

Return to Brootus Blacktoof to turn in this last step and claim your reward.


Copy this link in your macro window or in the /s channel to know the rewards at the end of the quest:

<LINK data="QUEST:23068" text="[Da Stick's da Fing]" color="243,228,103">