Frostshard Prison

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The Frostshard Prison is a lair hidden in an area of West Praag, at 29.8k 43k, in the western mountains, by the river. In the middle of the lair is one large fellow who appears to be a Bloodthirster of Khorne and stands frozen in the middle of arena. There are 8 doors surrounding him. There is one boss per door, thus 8 bosses.

Entering the Frostshard Prison will trigger an Achievements unlock. (Not implemented yet)


This lair is accessible through swimming along the shore. As you swim out, you will see a red beach on your right, door can be seen almost immediately after exiting water.


Somehow one of the doors is activated or opened and a hero level 40 boss will come out. It may be any one of the 8 lvl 40 hero bosses found in here. After each kill, it seems eventually another door will open and the 2nd of the 8 bosses spawns. All 8 bosses have been killed, though it is unknown if the frozen monster in the middle is an additional boss. The spawn times between the bosses seems to be inconsistent, and range from less than 5 minutes to over 30 minutes.


Bosses dropped different items.

Warrior Priest Bright Wizard Knight of the Blazing Sun Witch Hunter
Runepriest Engineer Ironbreaker Slayer
Archmage Shadow Warrior Swordmaster White Lion
Zealot Magus Chosen Marauder
Shaman Squig Herder Black Orc Choppa
Disciple of Khaine Sorcerer Blackguard Witch Elf